Benefits of Using a Penis Stretcher

Want a bigger penis but not sure how to make it bigger, learn about the benefits of using a penis stretcher

You finally decided to take that step. You are unhappy with the size of your penis, and you are about to do something about it. That’s great! Before you take a penis stretcher, read this article to find out more about the benefits of using a penis stretcher.

You spent most of your life insecure about your penis size. But, you no longer want to feel average. You simply don’t want to worry if your partner will say that he is small. I have to say, you’re completely right. Even psychiatrists say that men who are uncomfortable about the size of their penis should do something about it. You see, when you’re happy with your penis, you’ll become more confident, you’ll perform better at work, bed, and in the gym.

Benefits of Using a Penis Stretcher

It might seem funny, but somewhere in the back of our minds, we all connect his size with our own manhood. Before you decide anything, there are some things you’ll want to know before buying a peni stretcher. Continue reading

The Best Penis Enlargement Methods

Want a bigger penis? Here are the best penis enlargement methods men can use to add inches to their penis.

If you believe that a bigger penis will mean a better sex life, then you should definitely look into this article! I checked our every penis enlargement method, found 3 that actually work, and determined which one is the best. In this article I will tell you about the best penis enlargement methods every man can use ot make their penis bigger.

Here’s the truth – every man wants to have a big penis. Nothing strange about it. We are oriented towards it all our lives, and in our culture, penis size is important. Men who are happy with their penises are more confident, more successful in their careers, and they have a better sexual life. When you believe your member is disappointing, you will feel anxious about it.

You will feel more insecure at the gym. You will feel more anxious on dates. You’ll be a lot more worried about your sexual skills and performance. And as a result? Your performance will be poorer. This is a vicious cycle, but, you can always do something to break it. Continue reading

Why Men Should Avoid Penis Enlargement Surgery

Why Men Should Avoid Penis Enlargement Surgery. Is it Worth the Risk?

Men that feel at a genetic disadvantaged turn to different penis enlargement methods in order to make their penis longer and thicker. Most men are not very confident about the size of their penis. The average size of a man’s penis when erect is between 5-6 inches. If you are considering surgery you may want to reconsider. In this article, I will discuss some of the reasons why men should avoid penis enlargement surgery.

Most women say size does not matter but surveys show that most women prefer a penis that is between 6.5 -7.5 inches long. Most men fall below that size and will look for ways to make it bigger.

Why Men Should Avoid Penis Enlargement Surgery

When looking at penis enlargement methods most men end up confused and unsure of what method will work the best. There are pills and patches, weights and extenders, and penis enlargement surgery that are advertised and that make outlandish promises and only confuse matters. Continue reading

Why a Big Penis is Important

Why a big penis is important and some of the benefits it can offer

Most men shrug off a big penis as not important. While many studies say and what women really think about penis size are two different things. In this article, I will discuss why a big penis is important.

Believe it or not, women do judge men on the size of their penis, many say it is just as important as height. Authors from Australian National University found that the size of a flaccid penis can have a significant impact on women view the attractiveness of a man’s body.

Why a Big Penis is Important

Another interesting fact comes from a survey done by a dating site called When surveyed, women ranked penis size to be more important than the size of a man’s bank account. Obviously, this site is for women looking for men with a penis size 7 inches or bigger.

What the breakdown showed was that 48% of women said penis size was very important. 29% said personal wealth was more important. 15% said a guy’s looks were important, while 5% said status was important and the smallest percentage 3% did not have an opinion. Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts of Penis Enlargement

Do’s and Don’ts of Penis Enlargement. Some Simple Tips to Help You Through the Process

Penis enlargement has been around for hundreds of years.The difference with today’s products is that scientific research has been used to support or discredit the claims of many penis enlargement device and products.

This scientific approach has given men the confidence to act on the problem of having a short penis. Men can safely and effectively use penis enlargement products to increase their size and girth and to restore their confidence. In this article I will discuss some simple do’s and don’ts of penis enlargement to help make your penis enlargement journey easier.

Do's and Don'ts of Penis Enlargement

There are four things that should be kept in mind before starting penis enlargement:

1-Do be patient.It takes time for tissue to grow. You would not expect your chest or arms to see immediate gains after you start going to the gym, would you? This is the same principle.

Again, just like in the gym, you would not work on your chest by doing bench presses three times a day. Your tissue needs time to recoup. Continue reading

The Psychological Benefits of a Big Penis

Is it true that there are psychological benefits of a big penis?

Success or failures are written on your face. It comes down to confidence. Men worried about the size of their penis exhibit a lack of confidence that can easily be read by the ladies. Conversely, men secure in the knowledge that they have a big penis display a confidence that women are automatically attracted to. in this article, I will discuss some of the psychological benefits of a big penis

The Psychological Benefits of a Big Penis

Having a small penis is something that many men feel uncomfortable about. While some women say they do not care about the size of a man’s penis, the same thing is said about a woman’s breasts.  Men will tell you they do not care about breast size, the truth is they love women with big breasts. Continue reading